Time Line

  • 1912 – Original Seven Mile Bridge completed
  • 1935 – Labor Day Hurricane CAT 5
  • 1938 – Converted from Railroad to Overseas Highway Bridge
  • 1982 – Old Bridge Removed from “Highway Status” when new Seven Mile bridge built
  • 1984 – Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) issues Bridge management study
  • 1988 – FDOT performs last major repair to “Old Seven”
  • 2002 – FDOT survey shows “need for restrictions of use”
  • 2003 – FDOT places “4-ton” limit of use on bridge
  • 2003 – Monroe Co. and the City of Marathon, Fl. request FDOT to initiate a Project Development and Environment (PD&E) study
  • 2004 – FDOT completes PD&E study
  • 5-06 – FDOT Bridge Inspection report finalized. Bridge is rated #15, “Structurally Deficient”
  • 6-11 – Committee called “Save Old Seven” (SOS) forms to undertake responsibility of saving the bridge from “condemned” status. Group eventually morphs into “Friends of Old Seven, Inc.” (FO7)
  • 6-15-11 – BOCC approved Ferry service funding thru June 2012
  • 7-15-11 – Save Old Seven meets and morphs into Friends of Old Seven.
  • 7-11-11 – FO7 Applies for 501(c) 3 corporation status, and receives IRS EIN, Articles for Incorporation filed, By-Laws created, Officers picked. First board meeting takes place.
  • 9-13-11 – FDOT & FO7 hold meeting in Miami, to discuss bridges future possibilities. (District 6 meeting.)
    SUMMARY OF MEETING:The Secretary of FDOT has given a verbal (emphasis on verbal) commitment to cover 50% ($16 mil.) of the capital improvement costs ($32 mil.) to bring the bridge to structural integrity standards for the next 10-15 years. They expect the other 50% to be covered by local sources, whether public or private. FDOT will then hand over the bridge to X (being the County, FDEP, FO7 or whoever) for future ownership and maintenance. FDOT will not fund any future maintenance costs. That will be the responsibility of the remaining owner.FO7’s OBJECTIVE IS:

    1. The remaining 50% ($16 mil.) of capital improvement costs be footed by a local partnership, where the County covers 80% ($12.8mil.) of the remaining costs, the City of Marathon 2.5% ($400k) and we raise the remaining 17.5% ($2.8 mil.) from private sources (commercial interests, foundations, grants, etc.). These quantities/%’s are bound to change drastically as we move forward.
    2. Maintenance costs, which safely estimate at a minimum of $100k/year, should come about 50-50% from the County and private sources. FO7’s intention here is to provide some form of permanent endowment fund to ensure, in perpetuity, the availability of a minimum of $50k/year from private sources for maintenance purposes.
  • 9-15-11 – FO7 prepares Power Point Presentation for upcoming Monroe Co. Board of Commissioners showing on 21st.
  • 9-20-11 – Friends of Old Seven, Inc – Presentation to Monroe County Board of Commissioners
  • 9-21-11 – the Monroe County Board of Commissioners voted and approved the following resolution:
    1. Friends of Old Seven Inc a 501 c 3 corporation is hereby recognized by Monroe County as a leading organization in a joint venture which is expected to include Monroe County and various public and private organizations to save rehabilitate and maintain the 2 mile segment of the Old Seven Mile Bridge between Knights Key and Pigeon Key and
    2. Hereby acknowledges that Monroe County will work toward a formal relationship with Friends of Old Seven Inc regarding potential strategies leading to the objectives set forth in this resolution
  • 10-1-11 – FO7 accepted by FDOT as “Lead Partner” in “joint-venture” to save Old Seven Bridge.
  • 10-3-11 – Monroe County Commissioners also agree to accept FO7 as “Lead Partner” in Joint venture to save bridge.
  • 10-11-11 – Marathon City signs FO7 as “lead Partner” in Joint, Venture to save Old 7.
  • 11-11-11 –  FDOT releases 2012-2017 Tentative Transportation Plan for Monroe Co.
  • 12-11-11 – President of FO7 introduces “IMAGINE07” project to the board. FO7 plans a retentive start date in early May.
  • 1-14-12 – Pigeon Key “Flagler Days” event held. FO7 attending.
  • 1-21-12 – Flagler Key West “Silent Auction” for FO7 held at Casa Marina’s Flagler Centennial Gala Ball.
  • 2-10-12 – FO7 Participation in Pigeon Key Arts Festival
  • 2-19-12 – Friends of Old Seven “Kick-off” event at Sunset Grill & Raw bar.
  • 3-9 & 10-12 – FO7 Participates in Marathon Seafood Festival.
  • 4-12 – Bridge Head project begins at entrance to Old Seven.
  • 5-12 – “Imagine07” start-up. FO7 State annual corporation filings due.