Friday, January 13, 2012

Salty Queen

Mighty spirit rises
from  her beautiful
concrete pillars
and arches

with an infinite pathway
enticing us
over a world of blue
past and present blended
swirling waters flowing through.


in quietness
among the
gliding pelicans
and sunning cormorants,

you will hear the whistle
of Flagler’s East Coast train
slowing down
at Knight’s Key
to make the curve
on the Old Seven

with children laughing,
people pointing  in awe
at the wonders of the sea
as they traverse in a different time.

What will be her demise,
this old salty queen
with cracked skin,
rusty bones and
coconut pavement?

Will she fade away
in the crimson sunset
or one mystic sunrise,
fragment by fragment
carried out to the deep?

I think not.

For the Old Seven
is of the Conch Republic
and this majestic treasure
has an everlasting beat
in the heart
of the Florida Keys.