Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lovers’ Crossing

In the year 1955, my mother “ran away from home” by eloping with my father. They both were from “good” families and it was then considered quite scandalous. They drove from Montreal Canada to Key West Florida, in my father’s MGA convertible. They stopped in a Miami-Dade courthouse to marry. I was born in 1956. Can you imagine driving the Overseas Highway as newlyweds? I have some of their post cards of their progression south.

Every April I run the 7 Mile Bridge Race to kind of pay tribute to my heritage. As a matter a fact I am in one of your photos as your members were obtaining signatures to save the “Old 7.” I have made a minor donation to your cause. My funds are limited at this time but I will keep contributing when I can. I thank you so much for your efforts.

One of the “Old 7’s” greatest fans,
Cathy Billings-Ouellette