Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Vision for Marathon

This vision for Marathon is the restructuring of the economy of this island.  I love projects that provide and benefit communities.  The infrastructure is in place with the  airport, new sewage regs., and pro-business town officials.  Marathon needs to really push this “Save Old Seven” movement.  Marathon – the Emerald of the Keys.

I want to proceed with bumper stickers and banners for local business interests to profile.  We need everyone to participate in the Keys but our international profile will be the ticket to development.  How strong are our political allies in the legislature?  To go forward with environmental and structural issues, we must become more politically connected.  We just simply must tie that knot to go forward.  As our organization grows, we need to meet with our State Legislative members to emphasize the economic impact for Marathon with proforma statistical data as well as projected data for public/private partners to view the value of this community redevelopment.  Again, the state college system could help us with market data, statistical analysis, and feasibility studies that would provide data format commands for big developers to come on board.  All we need is to have a registered securities and exchange commission registered accounting firm to sign off on our feasibility and proforma data.  We can do it!

Jerry Chapman