Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Love On The Old Seven

Just seventeen, she boarded the train in Marathon on her way to Key West to spend Christmas holidays with her family. At the same time a dashing young man boarded the train and the two began to talk, sharing stories of college, their mutual love of tennis and their dreams of the future as young people do.

A year and a half later the two were married in 1915. Much later in an interview with the Miami Herald, the woman, Priscilla Coe Pyfrom, laughed as she stated that she met her husband on the “Old Seven Mile” bridge, which was quite ironic, since her father, Clarence Coe helped design and engineer the bridge.

Priscilla Coe grew up surrounded by the construction of the Florida East Coast Railway, while her mother provided home-cooked meals and hospitality to the young engineers who helped her father with the project.


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Submitted by:
Deborah C. Linker