Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Friends of Old Seven – Comments and Memories

Hundreds of our Friends of Old Seven have shared thoughts and memories with us. And, we would like to share a few with you…

“As a displaced 5th generation Conch, I consider what’s left of the old highway a museum piece right up to the handrails that once felt the wheels of Flagler’s old engines. This is our living heritage. I do mean “living” – The old bridge feels God’s winds, rain and sunshine daily as any old Conch would want to live out their last days.”
Robert George

“I walked on the Seven Mile Bridge a couple weeks after finishing Les Standiford’s great book Last Train to Paradise. I felt like I was standing on a little bit of history–just like I feel in Washington DC, Ft Sumter, or any other historic site. Please keep it maintained and open to the public.”
Marsha Walpole

“As in many parts of our country, it is so important to preserve pieces of our history for future generations to understand the progress we have made over the decades. This section on the bridge could be enjoyed by so many, like myself, when visiting the ‘Fabulous Florida Keys’.”
William Rode

“Been to Key West over 20 times, always drive down just because it is a great ride ,and seeing the remaining parts of the original railroad is always a thrill and is a tribute to Florida, Flagler and the U.S.A.”
Paul Rodriquez

“Old 7 mile bridge is such a part of the Keys history. A true engineering feat and the fulfillment of one mans’ dream. It should be registered as a national landmark and preserved for future generations. I had the opportunity to drive over it in my first visit to the Keys and it is some thing I will never forget!”
Laura Martin

“Every drive I take to KW is with awe at seeing such a unique part of history as the original bridge. It should be there for many years to come!!!!”
Nigel Revenge

“Great piece of history needs to be saved and restore so future generations can enjoy it. Most of my childhood was spent crossing it. It would be tragic.”
Lynette Martin

“Grew up in FL…7 Mile Bridge was a favorite thing in my life with many trips to the Keys!”
Lisa Keller

“Have enjoyed many walks here. It would be a tremendous loss to lose such a beautiful resource. I would think just the fact it is utilized by so many would be enough to secure it’s future.”
Frank Hendrickson

“I am a 4th generation Key West Conch who fervently wishes to see something of the Florida Keys past preserved for posterity. This bridge has significance not only to those of us who passed over it so many times but also because of the role it played in the “Railroad the Went to Sea!” This bridge is part of the history of not only the Florida Keys, but the United States of America as well.”
Janese Blue

“I crossed this bridge many times in my life time to and from school everyday. This bridge means a lot to all of us! To take it down would be a shame! It is part of history! Please don’t destroy our bridge!”
Sandra Meekins

“I lived in the Keys twice now and will be coming back to live again. I lived there in the early 70’s when the old bridge was it and it was a trip driving it. But it is a staple of the Keys and should remain. Progress is great but there are times you need to shut the door to it.”
Robin Beyer

“In my 20’s, I lived in good ole’ Conch-City, Key West for 6 years. (1992-1998) — I experienced some Extreme highs and lows of my life there, and learned many life-changing lessons along the way. The Keys are known as a “Best-Kept-Secret” to many – but, sadly, is a landing place, for few. It is an odd and magical land, where you can be lost… you can be found… you can be swept away by the tide… or led right back up to shore… It is all of that, and so much more. SAVE OLD SEVEN !!!”
Elise Franzetta

“I travel the keys from Homestead to Key West for work at least 2x a week. I stop regularly to walk the old bridge and enjoy the magnificent view, watch all the people walking, riding their bikes, rollerblading and soaking up the beauty of the Fla Keys. This is a landmark that can\’t be lost. Please REPAIR the bridge!! Don\’t let us loose this treasure…”
Linda Rosen

“I use this bridge for walking and Meditating. It is a one of a kind public space. It ties the islands together and it’s history is alive. Both residents and tourist make a stop to enjoy the surrounding beauty and breathless sunsets. Please save the bridge.”
Nancy Miller

“It would be horrible to lose such a wonderful piece of history.”
Sheila Woodard

“My father worked for the FEC railroad.”
Chuck Griffis

“My grandparents traveled on that RR……this country needs to keep landmarks and preserve our history !!!”
Irene Pineiro

‘I drove my first car over that bridge while stationed on the USS SARSFIELD in Key West, 1956. Got scared to death more then once when truck coming from opposite direction.’
Daniel L. Patt STGC, USN, Retired. 30 years.