Thursday, July 25, 2013

Engagement Story

My fiancé, Jeff Kelley, and I got engaged on Pigeon Key also, on March 30, 2013!  We were in town for my 34th birthday.  Jeff’s family has a home in Marathon and are also Friends of Old Seven.  We often take strolls or run the bridge when we are in town.  We walked with our boxer, Mac, to the end and then, the best day of my life happened.   When we returned to the entrance we spoke to one of your volunteers, Gunner.  I asked him if he sold stickers that said “I Got Engaged on Old Seven.”  Haha – I opted for the hoodie sweatshirt instead.  And, he took the photo for us that I have attached.

Jeff and I pondered where the perfect site would be for our reception and we couldn’t seem to think of anything better than where we got engaged.  Destination wedding it is.  We will have the ceremony at San Pablo and the reception on Pigeon Key where our adventure began!

Britta Schlager