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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Driving the Bridge Memories

I drove the 7-Mile Bridge every two weeks for two years back in the 1960s. When you saw a 18 wheeler coming at you your rear end would get tight. The 18 wheelers had their west coast mirrors pulled in so they would not hit the other trucks. It was really a skill to cross the old bridge without hitting something. I would not trade that experience for anything. I really love that bridge. I run the new 7 Mile bridge every year in April and look over at the old bridge and smile. Thanks for the memories. Bill Worley

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Memories of Driving on the Bridge

Having lived in Delray Beach and Boynton Beach for the first 20 years of my life, our family made several trips to the Florida Keys. I believe I was about seven or eight the first time we drove down. One of the items I remember from the trip was when we were on the bridge, my dad commented about how you could not see any land, we were at sea and what would happen if the bridge gave way. For many years I would think about going over that bridge and having it drop into the ocean.  Another trip was when I stay at a summer camp that had been set up at the old Gulfstream Polo grounds in Briny Breezes, Florida. We left camp early one morning in two cars to visit the Keys. I was riding in the back seat of a 1948 Pontiac, I think there were about six of us in the back, those cars had a lot of room. We drove down the ramp at Pigeon Key and had lunch and then it was on to Key West. We visited the turtle farm and some shell place.  Next time we drove over the bridge, I was in the back of my girlfriend’s brother’s pickup truck, got a real birds eye view that time.  I also remember watch the news on our black and white TV when it was announced the toll booths had been removed from the Keys.

As the years rolled on, I became more and more interested in Henry M. Flagler and the Florida East Coast Railway except there was one problem, I had moved to Louisville, KY in 1965. I wish I had become more interested in Flagler before moving as I could had gotten a lot more pictures, etc. of the old railroad line.  One of my good friends from Delray joined me in 1972 as we journey again down old US 1 to see the bridges and what was left of the old roadbed of the FEC.  Again in the late 1980’s, my son and I drove the new US 1 and this really gave me a good view of the old railroad bridges.  I always loved going over the seven mile bridge especially when you were out in the middle and it looked as if the land had sunk away and it was just you and the ocean.  Glad there is now a group trying to restore parts of the bridge.

Sidney W. Eline, Jr.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pelicans and the Bridge

My wife and I watched the Pelicans feed as we walked along Old 7 Mile Bridge. Their must have been a large amount of bait fish in the water. With the wind coming from the north, it made an updraft that the birds used as they flew back and forth along the bridge.

Thomas Diezel

Monday, February 9, 2015

Celebrate Old Seven With Dance

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Todd Fox and I am a professional ballet dancer from Miami, Florida. I operate a small blog called PaddleTheReef that highlights my kayaking, dancing, and photography excursions in the Keys.

This past summer (2014) I decided to go out on Old Seven to celebrate the recently approved restoration efforts Friends of Old Seven is responsible for (applause applause) by taking some pictures of myself dancing on the bridge.

Hope you enjoy the post and bravo to all who were involved in the Friends of Old Seven initiative.

Click Here for my Blog: Celebrate Old Seven with Dance

Friday, December 13, 2013

A Canadian’s Viewpoint

December 12, 2013

Dear Commissioners,

Re: Save Old 7

It was only 2 days ago I learned of your December 11 meeting to consider County support for the bridge project.  I do not know the outcome of that meeting but still, at this late date, write to express my support for the project.

I am sure you have considered the value of Old 7 to the tourist industry but I remind you further.  Annually thousands of Canadians visit the Keys.  Most are from Ontario and Quebec.  Like me many are members of the Canadian Snowbird Association.  The Keys also attract Western Canadians.  We have driven here twice from our home near Vancouver B.C. and we have introduced other British Columbian RVers to Marathon and Old 7.

Two years ago we visited Pigeon Island by the tourist shuttle boat.  Tomorrow we will cycle to the Island.  We are always excited to see TV commercials that include the 2 bridges.  Arnie and Jamie Lee`s True Lies movie also hold a special place for us.  The value of Old 7 as a film location and to tourism is immeasurable.  I certainly hope you are able to justify support for the project and (I just read the website in its` entirety) for the hundreds of volunteers who are working to save the bridge.

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Barnes

Steve Barnes, FCIRP, ret.
Barnes is Noble
Mail:135 – 2960 Tranquille Road
Kamloops, BC
V2B 8B6

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Supporters Send Support

Dear Commissioners,


It is my understanding that at your December 11 meeting, you may be considering and voting on a proposal to partner with the State and Marathon on restoring and maintaining the Old Seven Mile Bridge. My wife and I own a condo in Marathon and hope to retire there soon, therefore I would like to express my wholehearted support for the County entering into such a proposal. We enjoy walking on the bridge often to view the sunsets and take in the beauty of the ocean and bay. During our walks we see many others also walking or biking on the bridge. The bridge is not only well used by the public but is viewed as an iconic symbol of the Keys. I and others feel that it is a piece of the Keys history that is worth saving for future generations. I certainly understand that budgets are tight and that elected officials have many competing interests that must be balanced. The Monroe County government is very well run and you all seem to be forward thinking, as evidenced by your decision to purchase Rowell’s marina. I urge you to find a way to support this proposal and save the Old Seven Mile Bridge. Thank you for your kind attention.


John E. “Sonny” Bloxom
County Attorney

Worcester County, Maryland



Sunday, December 1, 2013

Grandkids supporting Friends of Old Seven

Gave my grand children in Maryland old seven T-shirts for Thanksgiving.

William Kelly

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fate of Old Seven

Monday, October 21, 2013

Preserve Old Seven

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Engagement Story

My fiancé, Jeff Kelley, and I got engaged on Pigeon Key also, on March 30, 2013!  We were in town for my 34th birthday.  Jeff’s family has a home in Marathon and are also Friends of Old Seven.  We often take strolls or run the bridge when we are in town.  We walked with our boxer, Mac, to the end and then, the best day of my life happened.   When we returned to the entrance we spoke to one of your volunteers, Gunner.  I asked him if he sold stickers that said “I Got Engaged on Old Seven.”  Haha – I opted for the hoodie sweatshirt instead.  And, he took the photo for us that I have attached.

Jeff and I pondered where the perfect site would be for our reception and we couldn’t seem to think of anything better than where we got engaged.  Destination wedding it is.  We will have the ceremony at San Pablo and the reception on Pigeon Key where our adventure began!

Britta Schlager